Planning takes care of your loved ones

Make sure your legal documents are in one place, including your will, disability insurance, bank statements, veteran benefits (if applicable), pensions, longterm care insurance, copies of medical records and prescription information, and Social Security information.

Important services should be listed in both you and your spouse or partner’s name.

• House/mortgage

• Vehicles

• Phone service

• Security/alarm services

• Utilities

• Retirement

• Insurance

Standard written will

This legal document specifies how your possessions will be distributed after your death and names an executor to carry out your wishes. Your will must be written (no digital-only wills allowed in New Mexico), and signed by you and a witness together. You don’t have to create a will with an attorney.

Power of attorney

This legal document allows you to choose a person to take care of important matters for you, such as your finances and estate planning. Visit lopdnm.us and look under “Links, Policies & Forms” to download a power of attorney form.

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