Consider making an appointment to talk with your medical team’s billing office before you start treatment to get your financial questions answered.

Questions to ask:

• Will my insurance cover my treatment and/or surgeries?

• Does my health insurance company need to approve the treatment

plan before I begin treatment?

• How much will my out-of-pocket cost be?

• What if I can’t afford the out-of-pocket cost?

• Are my medications on my health insurance plan’s preferred drug list?

• What is my prescription co-pay for each medication?

• Will I be billed separately for laboratory tests, such as blood tests?

Are they covered under my health insurance?

• Do you offer any payment plans or know of other financial resources?

• Can someone help me apply for medicine directly from manufacturers

if I can’t afford medicine?

Get organized:

To reduce your stress, have someone help organize your financial information and make sure a family member or trusted friend has access to this information if needed. List financial assistance you receive along with contact information.

Make a list of your monthly bills and note:

• How each bill is paid (online or by mail) and the credit card number

and/or debit card and PIN number used for payment

• Each bill’s due date

• Contact information of the billing person of each bill

• The last four digits of your Social Security number and your birthdate,

as these are often required when you contact billing departments

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