Bridget Dixson, President and CEO Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

Dear Santa Fe Community,

Since 1882, the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce has been elevating our business community to establish and support a vibrant local economy — one we can all be proud of. Through the efforts of 21 dedicated board members, five hardworking committees, and dozens of valuable volunteers, we work together to foster meaningful, educational, and innovative programs and initiatives that support our mission.

Each year, in collaboration with The Santa Fe New Mexican, we offer Connect Santa Fe, which identifies key resources and contacts within Santa Fe County. We hope this guide serves as a comprehensive tool to connect consumers and business owners with vital business resources. A healthy business environment is essential for the entire community to flourish. We know that shopping and partnering with local businesses strengthens our economy and keeps dollars circulating in Santa Fe.

A vital connector in the community, the chamber is a catalyst for positive change and a champion of business success and prosperity. Our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to focus on economic development, education, and advocacy. We serve as the “Voice of Business in the City Different” to support our diverse and growing economy. As the chamber’s president and CEO, I am honored to work with our dedicated board of directors, volunteers, community leaders, and countless business owners who share the same vision for a prosperous Santa Fe. To support your business and our community, please consider becoming a valuable member of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce. Together, we can make our community an even better place to live, work, and play.






Santa Fe New Mexican