Grief is a natural response to loss and the expression of grief is as unique as the one experiencing it. The death of a loved one is the most intense grief of all. There is no right or wrong way to journey the path of grief and no set timeline. Grief often has a wave-like motion of ups and downs. Grief needs to be expressed.

Grief can feel like:

• Falling down a bottomless pit

• Anger

• Hopelessness

• Guilt and regret

Recommendations for navigating grief:

• Be gentle and patient with yourself

• Share your feelings with someone you trust

• Eat well and get enough sleep

• Pursue interests that enrich your life

• Celebrate your loved one with friends and family

• Join a grief support group (See listings on the following page)

Adrienne Attaberry, bereavement coordinator at Del Corazon Hospice in Santa Fe

A child’s drawing during an art activity at Gerard’s House.

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