Cancer is one of the qualifying health conditions for medical cannabis in New Mexico and can help relieve such side effects as pain, insomnia and nausea. For more information, visit nmhealth.org and search for medical cannabis, or call 505-827-2321. Talk to your medical provider about adding it to your treatment plan.

To apply:

• Application forms can be found at: nmhealth.org.

• Your provider will need to verify your condition on the application and sign it.

• It can take 30 days for the Department of Health to process your application

and another five days to receive your card in the mail.

• You need to renew your medical cannabis license annually.

Tips for buying cannabis products

• Discuss the symptoms you hope to alleviate with dispensary staff.

• Be upfront about your experience or lack thereof with cannabis to help

determine doses.

• Expect to spend more at the beginning as you test and try different treatments

until you find what works for you.

• CBD products do not require any type of medical card, but ensure you are

getting them from a reputable source.

• Recreational cannabis is legal to buy in New Mexico, but only medical cannabis is

provided tax-free.

• The Department of Health has information on its website about safely storing and

using your medical cannabis.

You can buy medical cannabis in many forms, including honey, gummies, hard candy, chocolate, and the traditional flower for smoking.

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