¡Bienvenidos! Welcome to the inaugural Santa Fe Literary Festival

Clare Hertel and Julia Platt Leonard Co-founders



Santa Fe New Mexican


Let Literature Lift You

Santa Fe is a visual arts city. Santa Fe is a performing arts city. Santa Fe is a market city. These are all true, and more, but Santa Fe is also a literary city — a city that writes books, reads books and loves books. In fact, it’s a city that for centuries has revered storytelling in all its forms, from the Native and Hispano peoples whose oral traditions rooted them in the landscapes to a long line of writers whose work has imagined and illuminated the American West and the wider world. The idea of hosting a literary festival that celebrates our extraordinary culture has been a gleam in the city’s eye for a long time, and we’re both thrilled and humbled to be able to bring it to life. In the midst of such troubled, divided times, our maverick, multicultural city struck us as an ideal place for storytellers and thinkers to come together and lift the human spirit through our shared love of language and ideas — and hope. After two long pandemic years, we’re thrilled to bring people together to share stories that transport them across cultures, borders and worlds. As with all things Santa Fe, it takes many of us to make great things happen. We are eternally grateful to all the authors, partners, supporters, advisers and volunteers who helped make this event possible. Please do thank and support them. Together we will continue to make dreams happen in Santa Fe and beyond. With gratitude to all who have helped make SFLF possible!