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Relationships & Caregiving

Like many other facets of your life, you may have to face changes in your relationships as you go through your cancer journey. Some friends might step up and be there for you in unexpected ways while other friends disappoint you by disappearing or not supporting you in the way you need right now. You are not alone in this challenge. Several articles and blogs about cancer care are devoted to this topic – when friends aren’t there for you in the way you expect. Sometimes people are too scared to confront a serious illness, or they are too busy dealing with the stresses of their life. As hard as that loss is, you may develop new friendships or stronger bonds with other people in your life. If you want additional support, you could look into a local support group or a national organization that can connect you with others who understand what you’re going through. These nonprofits match trained mentors with people who have been diagnosed with cancer: Firefly Sisterhood fosters one-on-one connections with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and inspirational survivors. Visit, email or call 952-428-8945. Friend for Life is a network of trained cancer survivors and caregivers who provide one-on-one support to people diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones. Visit, email or call 1-866-374-3634. 4th Angel Mentoring Program is a free, national peer-mentoring service provided by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation Taussig Cancer Institute that matches patients or caregivers with trained volunteer mentors who have undergone similar situations. Visit or call 1-866-520-3197. Imerman Angels provides free, personalized one-on-one cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. Visit, email or call 1-866-463-7626.