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Support And Self Care

Hospice care is palliative (comfort) care for those with an advanced, life-limiting illness. This specialized care is recommended when a terminal condition can no longer be improved or cured, and life expectancy is 6 months or less. Hospice facts: • A team of specially trained professionals delivers services to wherever the patient calls home. • The team provides compassionate support to the patient as well as family caregivers. • The primary goal of hospice care is to manage pain and symptoms so the individual can live as comfortably as possible. • Most hospice care is paid for by Medicare and Medicaid through the hospice benefit. • The Medicare Hospice Benefit pays for all medication, supplies, and equipment related to the terminal diagnosis. • Most hospice patients do not have any out-of-pocket expenses. • There is no limit to the time a patient remains eligible for hospice care. • Hospice provides 24/7 telephone support. • Hospice patients are not giving up on life; they are choosing quality of life. • Hospice support continues for the family for 13 months after the patient dies. Quick advice: • Speak and think openly as much as possible about what you want and what you need. • You can always ask for change, whether in equipment or personnel. Local resource: • The New Mexico Care Planning Council lists hospices by county and includes other caregiver resources at: carenewmexico.org Sources: National Comprehensive Cancer Network, Del Corazon Hospice and Ambercare in Santa Fe