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Support And Self Care

Grief is nature’s response to loss. Each one’s grief is as unique as the individual experiencing it. There is no right or wrong way to express grief, no set timeline or timeframe, and no rules to follow. Grief is more than a set of emotions to be expressed; grief is a process to be navigated. Grief shouldn’t be ignored or denied. For most of us, the experience of grief lessens in its intensity as we come to terms with the loss and make adjustments so that we can move forward with our lives. Here are some suggestions for navigating grief: • Grief is painful; don’t be afraid to feel the pain. • Be patient with yourself as you follow the wavelike motion of grief. • Find a trusted friend and share your feelings and experiences. • Consider journaling your grief. • Surround yourself with support: soothing music, candles, inspiring reading, etc. • Participate in a grief support group. Del Corazon Hospice offers a group. (Call 505-988-2049 for a schedule.) By Adrienne Attaberry, Bereavement Coordinator at Del Corazon Hospice in Santa Fe