Douglas Egli, MD, FACP, Palliative Care Physician Christus St. Vincent Holistic Health & Wellness



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Support And Self Care

Q. What should I expect at a palliative care appointment? A. There will be a comprehensive and extensive discussion focused on issues that are troubling to the patient and family. This could include symptoms, planning for the future, services or support at home. Q. How does palliative care help with the management of symptoms and side effects? A. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to patient/family issues with each discipline looking at the issues from their particular area of expertise. These are combined into a care plan. The palliative care team typically spends more time devoted to quality-of-life issues. Q. What is a common myth about palliative care? A. Palliative care is not end-of-life care. It is care focused on improving the quality of life for those people with serious illness. Q. When should one see a palliative care doctor and for how long? A. Anyone with a life-limiting serious illness can see a palliative care doctor at any time about any issue that is affecting his or her quality of life. There are no limits on visits.