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Clinical trials try to answer scientific questions, and prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. They help determine whether new treatments are safe and effective or work better than current treatments. Sometimes they help providers better understand treatment side effects and how to manage them. If you or a loved one is interested, talk to your doctor. Clinical trials are an option for all stages of cancer, and many trials are available in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center offers Phase 1 trials, studies of a new drug that are usually the first that involve people. This phase is looking for the highest, safe dosage without severe side effects, according to the American Cancer Society. For more information, call the Research Coordinator at 505-913-8965 (or 8935). The cancer center lists current trials on its website. Visit www.christushealth. org and select Santa Fe as your location to get to the cancer center’s site. New Mexico Cancer Center provides basic information on its website about current clinical trials and frequently asked questions. Visit nmcancercenter. org/clinical-trials/. The University of New Mexico’s Comprehensive Cancer Center has information listed on its website as well, including available trials in New Mexico. Visit You can also e-mail hsc-clinicaltrialinfo@salud.unm. edu or call 505-272-5490 for more information. General information The American Society of Clinical Oncology has more detailed facts about clinical trials at The National Cancer Institute has general information about clinical trials at: