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We offer this Cancer Awareness Resource Guide as a way to inform and support those of you who have cancer as well as anyone who loves you. The amount of information about cancer online can be overwhelming to sift through, so we list key links to trusted sources as well as caring professionals who can assist you locally. In every section, we include local resources related to that topic. New Mexico is rich with people and organizations who are ready to support you through this challenging time. This year’s guide includes three stories that explore different aspects of people’s experiences with cancer. In the Journey section, Christus St. Vincent’s Regional Cancer Center’s new dietitian describes how she can help you figure out how to get the right nutrition when eating may be difficult. Caregiving can be a major component of cancer, so we highlighted an important program that Cancer Services of New Mexico offers at no cost. In the Relationships & Caregiving section, you can learn about the Caregiver Support Program, in which former caregivers provide much needed support and care to current caregivers. We also looked into the logistical issue of cancer costs in the Living Logistics section. The key message in that story is you’re not alone, and programs can assist you with any financial burden. We realize having cancer is a complex journey, and we hope this guide helps you see that you don’t have to navigate this on your own. Please care for yourself and seek support when you need it, Deborah Busemeyer, C.A.R.E. editor