Santa Fe New Mexican - CONNECT - 2021-03-28




President and CEO Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce

Dear Friends, The Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce has served as the “Voice of Business” in Santa Fe for over 100 years. As a way to continue supporting our diverse, recovering and expanding business community, we are pleased to present this year’s Connect Santa Fe business directory. In collaboration with the Santa Fe New Mexican, we have created Connect Santa Fe to identify key contacts and resources within Santa Fe County. We hope this guide will be a comprehensive tool for both individual consumers and business owners. A healthy business environment is important for the entire community to flourish. Our partners offer a wide variety of services, such as recruiting and hiring talent, identifying prospective business sites, handling regulatory issues, identifying valuable tax credits and much more. Our goal is to connect you with resources that encourage and assist business development within Santa Fe County. We hope you will find this edition of Connect Santa Fe a valuable aid to increase the prosperity of your business. As the Chamber president, I am honored to work with a dedicated board of directors, volunteers, community leaders and business owners who share the same vision for a prosperous Santa Fe. Please join us as a member of the Santa Fe Chamber of Commerce to support your business and our community. Bridget Dixson


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