C.A.R.E. - 2021-02-28



Living Logistics

Planning is truly a gift for those you love. Consider options for leaving a legacy project that could be meaningful for your family. You can hire legacy writers to create a book for your family or capture your own memories in a way that suits you best. How legacies can be left • Write your own obituary or make special gifts of your possessions. • Outline funeral arrangements from burial information to style of services. • Compile pictures into an online or physical album. • Record messages you want your loved ones to keep for the future. • Write letters to your loved ones. • Compile a collection of your favorite recipes. • Ask/hire someone to create a blanket made from your favorite clothes. • Write cards or buy gifts for a future birthday or special occasion. • Create a poem or a song specifically for your loved one(s). • Ask someone for help making a video montage (could include your best advice, memories and stories). Online resources: and search for “Legacy”


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