C.A.R.E. - 2021-02-28



Living Logistics

Make sure your legal documents are in one place, including your will, power of attorney (if you designated one), living will, disability insurance, bank statements, veteran benefits (if applicable), pensions, long-term care insurance, copies of medical records and prescription information, and Social Security information. Important services should be listed in both you and your spouse or partner’s name: • House/mortgage • Vehicles • Phone service • Security/alarm services • Utilities • Retirement • Insurance Standard written will This legal document specifies how your possessions will be distributed after your death and names an executor of the will to carry out your wishes. Power of attorney This legal document allows you to choose a person to take care of important matters for you, such as your finances and estate planning. State forms and resources New Mexico State Bar Association lists resources and information on estate and legal financial issues in the “About” section at New Mexico Advance Health Care Directive form: New Mexico Power of Attorney form: and look for Power of Attorney under “Forms.” Federal resources Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services: provides information about Medicare costs and services–Contact 800-MEDICARE or Health care options: U.S. Health and Human Services Department can provide information about preventative care coverage and pre-existing conditions: Social Security Administration: provides disability benefits to qualified individuals, 800-772-1213 or look up disability benefits at


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