C.A.R.E. - 2021-02-28



Living Logistics

If you are working through cancer, you need to clearly ask for what you need from your employer and co-workers, and focus on your own well-being. Consider how you can set limits at work so you can prioritize your health. Reflection of your role • Tell your doctor exactly what your job is and any unique circumstances you’ll be coping with during treatment. • Ask for general ideas of how your diagnosis, medication or treatment could affect your job. • See if you can be flexible with the time you take your medications in order to minimize any side effects at work – i.e., oral chemotherapy and other options that might be less disruptive to your work schedule. • Employers are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to make reasonable accommodations for health-related issues such as chemo brain. A more soundproof environment, like an office or a cubicle in a different location, can decrease distractions and improve concentration in the workplace. Items to keep at work to help with chemo brain • A notebook to jot down your impressions, notes, questions for the doctor, etc. • Digital recorder or recording app on your phone • Self-adhesive notes or flags to highlight important pages in documents


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