C.A.R.E. - 2021-02-28



The Journey

Treatment plans are custom made specifically for each patient. Learn about the process and ask questions so that you may better familiarize yourself with your treatment process. What to expect with radiation: • You will meet with your medical team to plan your treatments. • You will have a specialized CT scan that allows providers to design a custom radiation plan. • Plan to spend at least an hour for your first treatment and 20 to 30 minutes for the rest. • To protect normal tissues, you will receive treatments in a series of small doses. • Typical treatments are administered once a day five days a week. Some are given twice a day or only twice a week. • Total treatment could be one day to nine weeks, depending on your condition. • You will see your radiation oncologist at least once weekly. • Nursing is available to help with questions or concerns. • You cannot feel radiation while it is being given. • The side effects of radiation are cumulative. You will not feel ill after treatment. What to expect with chemotherapy: • Chemotherapy can be given alone or with surgery or radiation therapy. • You may receive chemotherapy through a pill or intravenously. • During treatment at Christus St. Vincent, you will rest in a reclining chair. • You can sleep, read, play games, write, use your laptop or do quiet activities that help you relax. • An oncology nurse will administer your treatment and discuss any questions or concerns you may have. • Sessions can last anywhere from one to eight hours, depending on the treatment. The first one may be longer. • Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center provides pillows, blankets, wi-fi and snacks for those receiving treatment and their families. Source: Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center


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