C.A.R.E. - 2021-02-28



The Journey

Clinical trials are studies that try to answer scientific questions and to prevent, diagnose or treat cancer. Clinical trials help determine whether new treatments are safe and effective or work better than current treatments. They may also help providers better understand the side effects of treatment and how to manage them. If you or a loved one is interested, talk to your doctor. Clinical trials are an option for all stages of cancer. All clinical trials are voluntary. From Christus St. Vincent Regional Cancer Center: Clinical research is an integral part of our mission. Our goal is to provide access to the most cutting-edge treatment options available in the communities where our patients live. We not only participate in clinical trials to provide our patients with the latest treatments available, but also in an effort to advance cancer care for everyone. The CSV Cancer Center is focused on Phase 1 clinical trials to bring the latest treatments to our community. Phase I studies of a new drug are usually the first that involve people. This phase is looking for the highest, safe dosage without severe side effects, according to the American Cancer Society. The National Cancer Institute has general information about clinical trials at: For general cancer clinical trial questions at the University of New Mexico’s Cancer Center e-mail For more information, look up clinical trials at


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